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AWMF Helps US-Based Nigerian Pastor to Bring Health to Nigeria

Last year, Arise and Walk Ministries received an urgent call from a pastor from New York that simply said “It is very important that we meet because we share the same Godly vision of bringing health and healing to the African people.” We met Reverend Reuben Chizor, Pastor and Founder of Hope Restoration Ministries, and we were impressed with his passion and vision to help the people of his homeland, Nigeria. He feels strongly that the wealth of a nation is directly related to the health of its people. As a result, he is working diligently to help the people of Nigeria become healthy so that in time, they can become a self sufficient people. Rev. Chizor has for many years travelled to Nigeria on medical mission crusades with medications and members of his congregation to provide free medical care in several rural communities in Delta State, Nigeria. So popular are his short term clinics that people wait for him yearly for their medical check-ups by the thousands and churches in Nigeria are requesting that Pastor Chizor find time to make a stop to be a blessing to their local church.
Pastor Chizor shared his vision with Arise & Walk Ministries Foundation and indeed we felt his deep commitment to help the Nigerian people. Arise & Walk donated oral health products, medications, 70,000 units of multivitamin pills, clothing and shoes for their 2007 trip. He states in a news article from Nigeria that when people found out that he bought multivitamin pills, they started traveling to see him from everywhere. He said “the Lord told me to give everyone 20 multivitamins and pray for each person… the next day even more people gathered again”.
Thanks be to God, Arise and Walk was able to provide help and plans to support Pastor Chizor’s 2008 medical mission crusade with more vitamins, toothbrushes, toothpaste, prayer and much more. They need more medical workers, so if you find it in your heart to participate in short term medical missions, let us know by calling our office at 201-825-3073. 

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