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Help is on the Way to Nigeria!
AWMF partners with Bethel Gospel Assembly to supply needed medical equipment.

On the last day of a four day medical mission trip to his hometown of Eku Delta State, Nigeria, Africa, Mr. Freebourn was approached by a young woman living with a cancerous tumor growing on her left cheek. She had been waiting for days to see a doctor and came into the tent with a specific request. At the age of 40, this woman had been to many doctors who told her there was nothing they could do for her. In a moving moment, she came to the clinic set up by the missionary team of Gospel Bethel Assembly that traveled to Nigeria, and simply made her request known. She asked if the doctor could remove the growing tumor. Mr. Freebourn recalled how he had to sadly tell her that they did not have the facilities or equipment to do the type of surgery required to assist her properly. Her humble, yet powerful reply was one of confidence and hope, “I am going to pray to God that He will send you back to do the surgery for me.” And so, the stage is set for a return trip. After seeing 1,500-2,000 patients, countless people in the small village openly expressed their hope and gratitude for healthier physical and spiritual days ahead. Being a “hometown” boy of this village, many came to Mr. Freebourn saying things like, “We are grateful that you came back home to help us. Thank you.”

This missionary trip was made possible by the efforts of the mission team of Bethel Gospel Assembly from New York City. Arise and Walk Foundation, in recognition of the great work of Bethel Gospel Assembly, donated several pieces of medical equipment to accompany the team to Nigeria, Africa. Equipment donated included a dental chair and dental equipment, x-ray machines, lab equipment, and lab refrigerators. Mr. Freebourn picked up the equipment from AWMF’s storage facility in New Jersey and says that it is through the generous support of Arise and Walk Foundation that they will help equip the hospital in Nigeria which is in dire need of everything. Bethel Gospel Assembly has expanded its mission field to touch the lives of people beyond the shores of the North American continent to Central America, in Guyana and the Caribbean Islands of St. Vincent, Montserrat, Aruba and Haiti.

In July 2005, Bethel Gospel Assembly took the largest core of doctors that they have ever assembled on a six day medical mission to Venezuela. On the recommendations of Venezuelan pastors and more than nine months of planning, 32 doctors, dentist, dental staff, pediatricians and an ophthalmologist went to offer medical and spiritual healing to 3,000 people. Lord willing, with support like this, the prayer of the Nigerian woman may be answered in the not too distant future.

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