Emergency Response to Hurricane Katrina

Arise & Walk Ministries Foundation, Inc. Emergency Response to Hurricane Katrina

With the help of missionaries, supporters, and organizations that were moved to do something Arise & Walk Ministries Foundation responded with a medical disaster relief team, visiting the area that was hit most by Hurricane Katrina; Slidell, MS. Arise & Walk rented a recreational vehicle in which part of the team traveled and brought with them medication, toiletries, child care necessities and the like to the Feed the Children warehouse where we were stationed.
While in Slidell, MS, we worked diligently to set up a make shift clinic in a local church. There we met a God fearing couple who worked fervently to prepare the space for us to see patients. Within twenty-four hours, the clinic was open to take care of the people who were in need by giving out medication, examinations, prayer and comfort. Patients received care from our physicians in the short-term clinic and the patients were treated with medical attention ranging from tetanus shots, vaccinations, screenings, to orthopedic care. Even other volunteers from around the country who were there providing assistance came to our makeshift clinic for medical attention. Here in the North-East region, we can only imagine the desolation that was witnessed by the residents of this torn area. Yet with God's grace, mercy, and favor, we were able to see many faces smile from the service that was provided by volunteer workers, missionaries, medical physicians, organizations and all of our supporters.

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