1. Healthcare Service

To be a healthcare service databank for both domestic and international ministries that links healthcare and human service personnel interested in or already providing medical missions services to domestic and international ministries providing or needing such services here in the United States or Overseas.

4. Establish Local Clinics

Assist the local church to establish healthcare clinics, hospitals and healthcare capabilities internationally where none exist but are needed. To enhance and expand healthcare services already in place.


7. Develop S.M.A.R.T.

Develop S.M.A.R.T. (Spiritual and Medical Assistance and Relief Team) services, in partnership with the local church, to provide healthcare services and relief to foreign countries and communities devastated by natural and man-made disasters.

2. Healthcare Resource

To be a healthcare resource clearinghouse that secures and dispenses healthcare personnel, medicines and medical supplies to domestic and international church ministries involved in or interested in Christian medical missionary work.

5. Train Local Personnel

Train local developing world healthcare personnel, community and religious leaders, and government officials on health maintenance, disease prevention, and public health strategies.

8. Partner with Ministries

Create partnerships with individual ministries and church networks, both domestic and foreign, to better enable them to minister to the whole man: spirit, body and soul. AWMF recognizes that a man’s greatest need is to be “born again” and therefore to receive the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ so that he may be “saved”. The delivery of healthcare services is the “dinner bell” that brings people of great need to the table to have their physical, mental and spiritual needs met. As a result, AWMF will enable people to hear the Word of God to be saved and to experience the power of God to be healed through comprehensive healthcare deliver and divine healing as a demonstration of God’s love for His people.


3. Help the Local Church

Help the local church expand its international mission’s vision and capability by helping it to develop and/or enhance its medical missions program.

6. Partner with Healthcare Providers

Partner with local developing world healthcare providers to establish early disease detection and disease treatment protocols and modalities.


9. Assist the Local Church

As a vehicle for His provision of healthcare excellence and His divine power, assist the local church worldwide to establish a consciousness of and a belief in the truths that Jesus is the Healer and that God is Love!

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