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To realistically consider financial partnership, support, underwriting or sponsorship, an individual, organization, corporation or foundation should have an accurate basis for judging the effectiveness of their contributions. Arise and Walk Ministries Foundation invites you to examine the following information.

The Cost of Cure

The five leading causes of death and disease in most developing countries, exclusive of starvation and HIV/AIDS, are listed below, with the cost of treatment:

(Please note, these figures will be subject to periodic updating.)

Cost of Care

The per person cost of cure is:

    • $3.50 - Malaria
    • $0.40 - Intestinal Worms
    • $0.40 - Dysentery (Diarrhea)
    • $0.50 - Pneumonia, Meningitis
    • $0.80 - Sexually Transmitted Diseases
    • $2.50/Day - HIV/AIDS

* One million people die of malaria in Sub-Saharan Africa annually.

** Worm infestation occurs from eating raw meat and food contaminated with dirt. Well over 50% of children seen on our medical missions trips have some type of worm infestation.

*** These bacterial and water-borne illnesses are extremely common, easily diagnosed and easily treated with the availability of the needed antibiotics.

**** These infections, when untreated, lead to organ damage, sterility, the further infection of sexual partners, and are highly associated with concurrent HIV/AIDS infection.

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