Recent Missions

Nigeria Mission 09Nigeria Mission

AWMF partnered with Bethel Gospel Assembly to supply critical medical equipment to the people of Eku Delta State in Nigeria...

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at 08Asian Tsunami

In March 2005, the Lord saw fit for Arise and Walk Ministries Foundation (AWMF) to travel to Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia as a part of a mission team from Nyack College...

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katrina 04Hurricane Katrina

We recently traveled to Gulfport, Mississippi, one of the areas hardest hit by the destructive force of Hurricane Katrina. God allowed us to bring love and much needed care to the residents of this city...

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haiti 01Haiti Mission

AWMF is partnering with Bethesda Ministries to build a medical clinic facility in Haiti. This building will provide much needed medical care to the people of this war-torn...

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