The Tsunami-Torn Countries: A Missionary’s Experience

A Missionary’s Experience

In my last newsletter of September 2004, I spoke of my excitement and anticipation for what God was calling us to do in 2005. “Great is the call, greater is the work to be done, but greatest is He who has called us and the reward He has in store for us if we remain faithful to the call and see it through to the end!” The call has come and we have our orders.
God is calling us to do work in the Tsunami torn country of Indonesia which became prey to what is now known as the greatest natural disaster, in terms of loss of human life, in the past 100 years. The World Health Organization (WHO) reports that to date the death toll exceeds 280,000 people, with more than 5 million people affected and more than a million people displaced as a result of the destruction. In March 2005, the Lord saw fit for me to travel to Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia under the banner of Arise and Walk Ministries Foundation (AWMF) as a part of a mission team from Nyack College at the invitation of Dr. David Schroeder, President of Nyack College. Upon our arrival, three months after the Tsunami hit, we were confronted with an unprecedented presentation of destruction and devastation.
As far as the eye could see, there was scattered debris, flattened cement buildings, and piles of ruins where there had previously been homes, schools, businesses and places of worship. The people God allowed me to meet expressed feelings of “numbness” and “a sense of hopelessness and despair.” According to 2 Corinthians 1:3-4, “Our Father of mercies” is the “God of all comfort… that we may be able to comfort them which are in any trouble.” I believe that God has called AWMF, with your support, to be an instrument of comfort. We are called to build a healthcare delivery facility in the name and love of God in this area that has been a historical Muslim stronghold. This facility will not only meet the overwhelming healthcare needs of this region, but will open the door to evangelism through the powerful demonstration of God’s power and His love for all people!
As AWMF prepares to make a meaningful impact on the physical and spiritual well-being of those impacted by the Tsunami of 2005, we beseech you to join us and help us to do the will of God. What an awesome opportunity to use our God given talents, resources and relationships to restore and save the physical and spiritual lives of hundreds of thousands to the glory of God by helping to restore brokenness.

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